Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Contract Cell Phone

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Hi guys ... I tried no contract cell phone  2 years ago and save $88.00 per month..
The only negative using no contract phones is that you will have to take the phone to radio shack or wall mart once or twice a month to have them load minutes  on the phone but if
you are willing to do that the saving is huge..

I would recommend that you take a look at your monthly cell phone contract bill..  
Your 600 0r 1000 minutes contract will vary between say $38.00 and $69.00 depending on
which carrier you are working with HOWEVER the federal state and local fees combined
are much larger than $69 .

You can use no contract phones for personel and business.. My average bill using no conteact phones is $50 per month
Now this will very depending on your phone usage . Since i found out that i could  save
 per month on my phone bill  i have not gone  back to my neighbourhood  at&t, sprint or verison store and will not be going back any time soon .
Click the button above to play the video app , at the end you will be directed to amazon .com
no contract cell phone  website ..
This website is fully secured ..There you will find knowledge base information on each no contract phone.. All you have to do is scroll down and select the phone that is right for you..
if you have questions  email me at frazer146@aol.com

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