Monday, December 12, 2011

How To OPen Forex Trade Account

“How To” Open Forex Trade Account

There are 2 ways to open a forex trading account   A) Type “forex broker” into  google search engine. Click onto  any one  of the website links and research that company.  Read the company’s  website  FAQ and go thru the questions that are frequently ask by NEWBIES . make sure you are comfortable with the answers. If not copy down the broker phone number and call the broker with any questions that you are  not sure off.. Repeat the  process with a second and then a third web site.. After you’ve completed the process you will be completely versed  and know which one of these companies you will be comfortable doing business with. The broker you’ve  selected will be acting on your behalf meaning you will be  giving him/her  your permission   to invest your money, signing  documents  with your personnel information and the like. You will be required to pay a broker fee  for the services they preform   which are negotiable . All forex brokers are regulated by the government of the countries that make up these  forex markets.. Ask your broker questions about rules   and make sure they are  knowledgeable along these lines  before opening an account   with them.
B.  If you are the person who likes to do your own investments, then research   3 companies as outline    above and  open your own forex trading account by following the step by step instructions as  outlined  here. We here at kcsystems recommend  each trader choosing  their own company to do business with, however we have worked with FXCM  over the  years and are comfortable  with the way they do business. They gave us a lot of “how to” information . We like how their trading platform are laid out, we also like the easy  access to their customer service when we have questions. As a result we highly recommend the  FXCM trading platform .. All instructions “how to” open a “demo  and    Real account  “  with  FXCM  are as follows:
To begin type “” into  your computer browser and  click GO.                                                    After a few seconds  FXCM company website will be displayed on your computer desktop
a)  Click onto “download fx trading station 11 for windows” tab      (mac users download the appropriate software for your system)                                                                                                                         b ) wait 30 seconds   for the next page to appear                                                                                        c c) Click“save”                                                                                                                                                       d) wait another 2 minutes for download  to be saved on your desktop                                                        e) click “run” on the next page page                                                                                                            f) click “run “  again on the last page page that appear and wait for installation to start.                                g) installation  will stop  automatically 2-3 minutes  later . click”yes” on the  except agreement box               h) wait for  a  2nd set of instructions to be  installed then click  “next”                                                          I) wait for 3rd set of instructions to be installed  click” next ”                                                                       j) wait for a 4th  set of instructions to be installed then click” next ”                                                             k) wait for installation to complete then click “finish” 

 The trading platform will now be displayed on your desktop   Click the “Need a login “tab  on the trading platform .                                                                                                                                                 On the next page  you will want to enter your personnel information for the trade account..                          a) choose your country                                                                                                                              b) Enter your full name, address, email address  phone number                                                                   c) click submit                                                                                                                                          d) wait a few seconds-                                                                                                                               e) You will receive a thank you email for registering consisting of  login id name  and login password                  example id= d31537737001     password =     3381                                                  f) it is recommended that you print this information and save it.  Click on the “launch web platform” tab.   Enter your id user name and your password as listed above..   Click on the login tab. Your platform is now be ready to trade forex currency on the world wide web. 

   How to use your platform will be your next post on this topic


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