Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To Profit Trading Forex Markets

The forex currency is a 4 trillion dollar market that is  traded on the world wide web  from any where in the world for tremendous profits  provided  traders take the time to learn how this market works.
To be effective  and   good at what you do in life require practice, patience and  applying straggeries to  get profit results. Here  at cjsystems we've seen over the years where companies put togather trading  forex curency straggeries and sell them for 3-4 thousand dlollars in weekend live seminars.
To  the  newbie  starting out, not having  the investment capital to buy these straggeries or  the experience trader, we here at  cjsystems  will give a  complete overview of "how to" trade the forex market . All of the nuts and bolts will be laid out for anyone  to  use to start trading this market  for good profits or to improve their   trading skills and be very  successful.
The forex currency markets are traded 24 hours a day 5 days a weeek in 3 time zones, namely the  US, ASIAN and  EUROPEAN  markets. The us markets are - usa,canada, south america,caribbean. Asian markets are-japan, australia,new zealand,china,the korias, africa, india. European markets are-england, and the euro zone counteries.
The currency pairs traded in the 3 time zones are: audchf, audcad,audjpy, audusd, cadjpy, chfjpy, audchf, audcad, audjpy, audusd,  cadjpy,, chfjpy, eurdkk, eurchf, gbpjpy, eurcad. eurgbp, gbpnzd, gbpchf, eurjpy, eurnzd, gbpcad, audnzd, eurusd, euraud, gbpusd, nzdchf, nzdjpy, nzdusd, usdcad, usdchf, usdjpy, gbpaud.. The major currency pairs are gbpusd,eurousd,usdjpy,audusd, cadusd and cadjpy...
We trade the eurusd,gbpusd, eurujpy and gbpjpy currency pairs for  profits however we encourage each trader to trade currency pairs that they are comfortable working with.
As a newbie, fairness will always be part of the equation.. are the players on a level playing field or is the market stacked against us..Well we have great confidence in this market because the government of all countries that make up forex  have rules and regulations that govern these markets.When rules are broken people are held accountable. As a result small players as well as the larger players have  opportunities to make great profits on a daily basis.
In our next update we will have alot of  "how to " things to say about the market fundamentals . We will dove into the nuts and bolts of forex. Our journey has just begun so come back and see us  soon. This is a sponsored post

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